• wholesale basalt fiber tissue
  • wholesale basalt fiber tissue

wholesale basalt fiber tissue

No.Item No.: BT-1
Basalt fiber tissue is a kind of basalt fiber product with excellent performance, which is made of basalt wet cut raw silk and coated with special adhesive after drying, similar to papermaking process.
  • wholesale basalt fiber tissue

【product description】
With basalt chopped strand as raw material, basalt fiber tissue adopts a process similar to papermaking, which needs coating with special binder and drying it out, making it a well-performed basalt fiber product. With excellent properties in electrical insulation, thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. In brief, based on basalt unique temperature resistance and chemical resistance, its products are gifted with outstanding performance.
Product Type
surface tissue, roofing tissue, flame retardant tissue, peinted circuit board tissue(PCB tissue), waterproof overlaying tissue.
Product Features

(1)High temperature resistance.

(2)Low shrinkage.

(3)Low thermal conductivity of flame retardant.

(4)Excellent acid and alkali resistance.

(5)Outstanding sound insulation and absorption performance.

(6)No boron emission,degradable.

【Product Application】
Basalt fiber wet-laid tissue can be widely used in printed circuit board, vacuum insulation panel, electronic PCB, battery partition, finishing and other fields.

Product Specification】

NOTE: Gram weigh, fabric width, lenght and combustible of the pruoducts can be custom according to customer requirements
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