• basalt textile
  • basalt textile

basalt textile

The basalt fiber cloth of our company adopts twisted or untwisted basalt continuous fibers as raw materials, and is woven with plain, twill and satin weaves. Divided into unidirectional cloth, bidirectional cloth and multi-directional cloth.
  • basalt textile

【product description】
Basalt fiber fabric is weaved by basalt fiber yan in plain,twill,satin structure. It is a higher tensile strength materials compare to fiberglass, it’s still a good alternative because of its low price and eco-friendliness,besides basalt fiber has its own advantages so that it can be used in heat protection,friction, filament winding, marine, sports and construction reinforcements.

【Product Features】

• High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent physical and chemical properties.
• High strenght, small thickness, good flexibility.
• High acid resistance,alkali resistance.
• Strong anti-ultraviolet performance, low moisture absorption, good insulation and good transmission properties.
• Parallel and straightening yarn, excellent mechanical properties.
• Good adhesion characteristics for coatings
• Non-combustible and fire-resistant
• Excellent tensile strength
• Maintains integrity at temperatures up to 982C
• Resistant to electromagnetic radiation
More direction mechanical performance can design according to the actual need freedom enhancement effect.
【Product Application】
*It can be used to produce structural basalt plastics based on various thermosetting adhesives (for example, by laying methods). From these material components, automobiles, airplanes, ships, and household appliances can be produced. 
*Used in the construction industry such as bridge construction.
*In the case of the preliminary metallization of the fabric, the resulting basalt plastic obtains shielding properties against electromagnetic radiation. 
*Basalt Fiber Cloth can also be used as a base material for the production of soft and rigid roofs. 
*The Basalt Fiber Fabric used for electronic technology purposes is used as the basis for the production of insulating materials. These materials are used in the production of printed circuit boards used in electronic and electrical engineering. Compared with similar traditional parts made of glass fiber, these parts have superior performance.

【Product Specification】

Note: The warp and weft density and width of the fabric can be produced according to user requirements.
Storage: It should be stored in a dry and cool place with recommended temperature of 15-35°C and relative humidity of 30-70%. please do not
open the package unless you not use it, avoid moisture.
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