We dedicated to the research, production and sales of basalt fiber, we produce all kinds of high-quality continuous basalt fiber and its products, such as direct roving, twisted yarn, chopped strand, composite reinforcement rebar, geogrid, various woven fabric cloth, plates, etc.The product quality has been widely recognized by partners and exported to many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, Europe and the United States.

Basalt fiber twisted yarn is a yarn made by twisting and doubling multiple basalt fiber strands, the diameter of the monofilament is generally ≤ 13 microns.
Basalt roving is a bundle of continuous unidirectional complex basalt fibers.Often divided into direct roving、assembled roving and bulk roving.
Basalt fiber chopped strand is based on the continuous basalt fiber though special surface treatment. which is cut in a certain length according to user demand. 
Structural short cut basalt fiber is a surface ribbed needle shaped reinforcement material formed by combining continuous basalt fibers with corrosion-resistant materials.
Basalt fiber reinforcing mesh is a plane grid-like material made of high-strength basalt fiber yarn, woven into grid-like substrate by advanced warp knitting technology, adopting warp knitting directional structure,
Basalt fiber composite reinforcement rebar (BFRP rebar) is a composite reinforcement made of basalt fiber as reinforcing material, basalt fiber roving as the main raw material, combined with epoxy resin(ER), 
The basalt fiber cloth of our company adopts twisted or untwisted basalt continuous fibers as raw materials, and is woven with plain, twill and satin weaves. 
Basalt Fiber Mat is created out of the fibered materials in which basalt was melted at high temperature. Compared with the conventional e-glass fibers, such Mat can be used in a higher temperature region than ever before.
Basalt fiberboard can be divided into two types: one is solid board; One type is sandwich board. It is mainly used in packaging protection, daily necessities, construction, etc. It has excellent performance in fire prevention, heat insulation, corrosion prevention, electricity resistance, environmental protection, and other aspects.
Basalt fiber tape/casing is used in air intakes, intercoolers, superchargers, turbocharger ventilation pipes, pipes, starters, hoses, and wiring ports. It has insulation, high temperature resistance, and heat insulation.
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