Basalt Twisted Yarn
Basalt twisted yarn is a yarn made by twisting and doubling one or more basalt fiber monofilament, the diameter of the monofilament is generally ≤ 16 um. Twisted yarn can be made of two, three, four, or more plies, or may be used as singles without twisting. Single and plied yarns are used selectively according to purpose. Basalt twisted yarn can generally be divided into weaving yarns and other industrial yarns. Weaving yarn is mainly made of tube yarn and bottle shaped tube yarn.
Product Features
*The strength is relatively high, less broken head is fed in the processing process. The accidental draft is also small, and the fibers are easy to control, so, the draft ratio of the equipment can be larger.
*The unwinding of twisted yarn is not easy to be messy, which can reduce flying hair and the phenomenon of winding rollers and cots, which is beneficial for reducing yarn breakage.
    ⊙ High temperature resistance up to 700 ℃, low temperature resistance up to -270 ℃.
    ⊙ High tensile strength and high elastic modulus.
    ⊙ Heat insulation, sound absorption, and sound insulation.
    ⊙ Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.
Product Application
For weaving all kinds of plain, twill, satin and other fabrics; Woven electronic cloth and resin composite as reinforcing materials, etc; Weaving various types of ropes; High temperature textile threads used in the chemical industry field.

⊙Construction industry: thermal insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation materials, fire-resistant cloth, reinforcement materials.
⊙ Manufacturing industry: Shipbuilding thermal insulation materials, aircraft, car, train attraction materials, insulation walls, brake pads.
⊙Electronics industry: Hull insulation wires, models, electroplating plates.
⊙ Petroleum energy: petroleum transportation pipelines.
⊙ Chemical industry: Chemical corrosion-resistant containers.
⊙Environmental protection industry: basalt filter bags, needle felt, short cut silk, sewing thread.
⊙ Other fields: seismic safety equipment and insulation equipment.

Basalt Fiber Twisted Yarn

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