Basalt Fiber Reinforcing Mesh/Geogrid

Basalt Fiber Reinforcing Mesh/Geogrid
Basalt fiber reinforcing mesh is a plane grid-like material made of high-strength basalt fiber yarn, woven into grid-like substrate by advanced warp knitting technology, adopting warp knitting directional structure, making full use of the yarn strength in the fabric, making it have good tensile strength, tear strength and creep resistance, and surface coating treatment.

Geogrid is a reinforcement textile with various mesh sizes. It is a biaxial mesh woven from multifilament yarns. For the increased adhesion in concrete, Geogrids are impregnated with an alkaline-resistant coating. This results in the improvement of mechanical properties of concrete and alkaline resistance of Geogrid.
Reinforcing Mesh
Basalt reinforcing mesh is made of basalt roving with epoxy impregnation. It is an effective and economically advantageous substitute to a traditional steel mesh due to its strength, low thermal conductivity and long-term retention of its qualities in aggressive environment, loads and temperature changes.

Basalt Fiber Mesh is a kind of reinforcement product, which uses the anti-acid& alkali basalt continuous filament (BCF) to produce gridding base material with advanced knitting process, sized with silane and coated with PVC. The stable physical properties make it both high and low temperature resistant and highly resistant to deformation. Both warp and weft directions are high tensile strength and low elongation.

Basalt fiber reinforcing mesh can be used in the construction of railway, highway, bridge, wharf, etc., which require firm-quality construction materials for security purpose.Therefore basalt fiber geogrid is an ideal material for construction.
(1) Excellent mechanical properties
Basalt fiber composite material has high grid strength, and its thermal expansion coefficient is basically the same as that of concrete. It can synergistically bear forces with the concrete structure under temperature changes, and has good bidirectional equilibrium mechanical properties and bond slip resistance.
(2) Strong corrosion resistance
BFRP grids have excellent resistance to acid, alkali, and salt corrosion, especially suitable for marine environments. They can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ions, inhibit the generation of initial cracks, and limit the expansion of later cracks.
(3) No electrochemical corrosion
BFRP mesh is made of inorganic non-metallic materials, with good corrosion resistance, no rust expansion, no potential difference, and no potential electrochemical corrosion hazards.
(4) Convenient and safe installation
The BFRP grid is lightweight and high-strength, and the installation process can effectively reduce labor intensity and avoid safety risks caused by lifting; The grid has no magnetic transmission and will not affect the normal detection of the steel reinforcement protective layer.
(5) Intensive low-carbon, high economic efficiency
BFRP grid is green and environmentally friendly from raw materials to production and application, meeting the national "dual carbon" target requirements; Adopting mechanical integration molding, achieving mass production scale and high economic efficiency.
Basalt fiber geogrid using basalt roving as raw material for its excellent corrosion properties. First weave the roving into grille cloth and then drying molding after the asphalt treatment.

Basalt fiber geotextile (geogrid) is made of alkali-resistant and strong acid-resistant basalt fiber as raw material, woven by biaxial warp knitting machine, and then processed with asphalt (or acrylic glue) and dried into shape. 

Basalt fiber geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic material used for pavement reinforcement, old road reinforcement, and reinforcement of subgrade and soft soil foundation. It plays a reinforcing role in the application of treating reflective cracks of asphalt pavement. 

subgrade and soft soil foundation. It plays a reinforcing role in the application of treating reflective cracks of asphalt pavement. technology, and then coated with surface. It has high tensile strength and low elongation in both warp and weft directions, and has excellent performances such as high temperature resistance, low cold resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in the reinforcement of asphalt pavement, cement pavement and subgrade, and engineering projects such as railway subgrade,  embankment slope protection, airport runway, sand prevention and control.
Advantage And Application:
Basalt fiber geotextile has ultra-high and ultra-low temperature performance to prevent cracks on asphalt pavement; High tensile strength; No long-term creep, good thermal stability; Good compatibility with asphalt mixtures; Stable physical and chemical properties, able to effectively resist regional biological erosion and climate change. Due to the mixing temperature of asphalt mixture reaching over 190 ℃, high-temperature resistant basalt fiber geogrid fabric is a highly competitive product among various geotextile varieties currently available.
⊙Wall reinforcement(wall screen cloth, GRC wall board, EPS interior and external insulting board, plasterboard and so on.
⊙Reinforced cement product (marble pillar,flue ).
⊙Granite, mosaic special mesh piece, waterproof roll cloth,asphalt roof waterproof.
⊙Reinforced plastic, rubber products of the skeleton material, fireproof board ,grinding wheel base fabric.
⊙Highway pavement. Reinforce soft soil foundation,asphalt or cement pavement,Pavement anti - crack engineering, reinforcement of embankment and river seawall.
⊙Caulking tape for construction.
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