Basalt Fiber Mat / Felt

Basalt Fiber Mat / Felt
Basalt Fiber Mat is created out of the fibered materials in which basalt was melted at high temperature. Compared with the conventional e-glass fibers, such Mat can be used in a higher temperature region than ever before. In particular, such Mat is superior in terms of tensile strength and sound absorbing qualities. Usually divided into needle mat, chopped strand mat, thin felt (tissue) and knitted mat.
Needled Mat
Basalt fiber needled mat is a kind of porous non-woven felt material with a certain thickness (3-25 mm). Basalt fiber with fine diameter is combed and needled by needle felt machine. Numerous small holes are formed in the fiber felt, which makes the product have extremely high heat insulation characteristics. At the same time, basalt fiber has high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, and the product does not contain any adhesive.
⊙Low thermal conductivity.
⊙Three dimensional porous structure.
⊙Stable chemical properties, no moisture absorption, no mildew, no corrosion.
⊙It belongs to inorganic fiber, does not burn and does not produce harmful gases.
It can be widely used in the fields of sound insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, filtration, heat preservation, etc.
Chopped Strand Mat
Chopped mat is a kind of sheet felt made of basalt fiber which is cut randomly and evenly and then bonded together with adhesive. According to the different forms of adhesives, it can be divided into powder chopped strand mat and emulsion chopped strand mat. Chopped strand mat products have the characteristics of fast resin penetration, good mold covering, easy construction, high wet strength retention rate, good light transmission of laminated board, low cost and so on. It is suitable for hand lay up.
⊙Good uniformity and dispersion.
⊙It has fast soaking speed and good film covering property.
⊙Good mechanical properties.
Suitable for plate, day lighting board, hull, bathtub, cooling tower, anti-corrosion materials, vehicles, etc.
Surface Mat
Basalt fiber surface felt is made of basalt fiber plied yarn which ic cut into a certain lenght and evenly laid into sheet, then sewed with organic fiber. Fiber is not easy to produce displacement deformation, easy to operate. Fabric does not contain any binder, easy to soak.
Features :
⊙Good uniformity.
⊙Fast soaking speed.
⊙lsotropy in the layer.
⊙Fluffy structure.
It is mainly used inpultrusion, RTM, handlay up and other prosesses. The terminal products mainlu include speedboat hull, automobile shell, plate, profile and so on.
Tissue (Thin Felt )
With basalt chopped strand as raw material, basalt fiber tissue adopts a process similar to papermaking, which needs coating with special binder and drying it out, making it a well-performed basalt fiber product. With excellent properties in electrical insulation, thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. In brief, based on basalt unique temperature resistance and chemical resistance, its products are gifted with outstanding performance.
surface tissue, roofing tissue, flame retardant tissue, printed circuit board tissue(PCB tissue), waterproof overlaying tissue.
⊙High temperature resistance.
⊙Low shrinkage.
⊙Low thermal conductivity of flame retardant.
⊙Excellent acid and alkali resistance.
⊙Outstanding sound insulation and absorption performance.
⊙No boron emission,degradable.
Basalt fiber wet-laid tissuecan be widely used in printed circuit board, vacuum insulation panel, electronic PCB, battery partition, finishing and other fields.
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