Application field

Wind Power
Construction Ecological ocean
Wind powder generator blades                
The trend of the blades turn to be bigger size and lightter weight. The basalt fiber just match the requirments, and its lower price than carbon fiber, lead to bigger usage in the wind powder fields.

Excellent alkali resistance and strong physical property with concrete, and different resins used for production of rebar. Bsalt fiber composite rebar have more advantages than the traditional steel rebars

With excellent alkali resisitance and strong physical property, the basalt fiber can be weaved to bags used in aquaculture, or rebars and extrusion fabricated into protect mesh net for the enviromental monitor equipments.
Aerospace Water Conservancy Transportation
Light weight, Strong strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.
The basalt fiber is a revolutionary material for the Aerospace. Use the basalt fiber to make lighter and stronger component to improve the aircrafts' performance and stabilities.
Basalt fiber chopped strand is used to  reinforce and fix the cecent concrete structure, enhance its tensile strength and phyical toughness, thereby to improve the facilites' life time. When it comes to air, rail, sea and land transport, fire-resistant and lightweight materials are crucial. Basalt fibers are used in weight saving composite solutions, offering natural fire protection to comply with the highest public-transport fire safety standards.